Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More whole hog

I'm getting ready to start eating the whole pig. My first step was to order a cookbook--Nose to Tail Eating, which should tell me how to cook all the delicious(?) interior bits of the pig. I've also looked up some of those tasty interior bits on the internet, here and here. I've actually eaten more of those items that I realized, especially the variety meats. At least, I've eaten similar cuts from other animals (chicken hearts, beef tongue, and beef stomach). I'm actually a big fan of pork rinds--especially microwave pork rinds (yes, really, they are very good). I've never tried chicharrones, which are Mexican pork rinds. I don't know what makes them particularly Mexican, except that they are highly visible in some of the little taquerias that cater to Spanish-speakers in this part of the world. (Note to adventurous readers: if you ever go to a restaurant that caters to Spanish speakers, and they ask if you want hot sauce on the dish, or on the side, take it on the side. Trust me on this.)

My challenge to all of you is go to out and try some microwave pork rinds. They probably don't qualify as "real food," but they are a nice guilty pleasure. I'll try to find some chicharrones, and report back in a little while.

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