Friday, June 02, 2006

About Checkered Rooster

Picture a farm. There’s a big red barn, a small herd of cows, and a few pigs. The farmer grows a variety of crops for local sales. Hens scratch in the barnyard, producing eggs for sale and for hatching. And, every morning, a black and white checkered rooster greets the dawn. That’s a pretty good image—for 1906.

Today, farms are specialized—acres and acres of a single crop. Or sheds full of identical chickens, raised for their meat. Or similar sheds, also full of identical chickens, just for eggs. Hog farms with animals that live their lives in close confinement. Feedlots with cattle packed like sardines. On the modern farm, consistency has replaced variety, and efficiency has supplanted taste. And there’s no longer a place for a checkered rooster.

But not here. Checkered Rooster is dedicated to discovering the best farm-made foods, bringing them to the attention they deserve, and preserving the family farms that produce them.

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