Sunday, July 29, 2007


If any of y'all want seeds from Homestead, Cherokee Purple, or Brandywine tomatoes, let me know. Those plants have been productive, and have high-quality fruit, so I'm saving the seeds.

Both the Cherokee Purples and Brandywines are beefsteak-type tomatoes, with fruit that ranges from large to extra-large; I've picked a couple of tomatoes off each of those plants that are bigger around than a hamburger bun. The brandywines are pinkish-red, with a nice acidity and good flavor. The cherokees have that great purple outside, with a very deep red inside. They are some of the best tasting tomatoes I've ever had. The homesteads are regular sized, with a very good tomato flavor. They are just a nice salad tomato, and they taste like a tomato should. All three of these varieties have lots of meat and very little pulp.

Anyway, if you want some seeds, just let me know.

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