Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Growing Things

My garden is going stunningly well. In the last few days, I have picked:
  • a pound and a half of okra
  • two pounds of green beans
  • seven cantaloupes
  • a little watermelon about the size of a grapefruit
  • six and a half pounds of cucumbers
  • five pounds of tomatoes, in about six varieties
  • twelve pumpkins, weighing a combined 195 pounds. That's right, on Sunday I picked my weight in pumpkins. I'll have pics this weekend--Laura ran off with the camera, so I can't post the photos now.
I'm about to get some chicks in the mail, finally. The original ship date was June 5th, but they have had some production problems--namely, the birds I want aren't laying.

Finally, if you are interested in growing babies, you should visit Laura's Cozy Cabin. Ultrasound photos are involved. By the way, we know that one twin is a boy, to be named Walton Lane after my dad and his dad. The other baby was shy, but Laura suspects that it is a boy, too.

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