Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Links

Offal Good--a blog dedicated to eating offal (you know, all the parts that are left after you take all the tasty meat.)

An essay from Time Magazine debates the merits of organic versus local food. He appears to have never heard of the concept of real food, because he frequently discusses products that, while organic, are highly processed and (I suspect) not all that good for your body or the planet.

A new term--culinary fundamentalism. It describes people (like me) who are focused on making great food themselves--often even difficult stuff that comes from a factory, like bacon and corned beef.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to put up some new pork recipes--I have actually cooked ham hocks and jowls, but the pictures (like the pork shoulder) didn't turn out. I've got some other stuff going next weekend, so I can't do it then. I'm sure I'll get the hocks and jowls up eventually, though. Hocks are a key ingredient to making good beans, and I like beans now and then. And I've found that hog jowls make eating leafy greens much, much easier. I'll be eating plenty of jowl in the future, along with the collards I'm growing in the garden now.

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