Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why I'm doing this

Nazareth, Texas.

Nazareth is a little town (pop. 356) that's about an hour from where I grew up. Beyond farming, there's not much economic base to Nazareth. Beyond their stellar girls' basketball team (17 state titles, more than any other school in the country), there's not much holding Nazareth together.

Nazareth is worth saving, along with a thousand other little towns throughout the great plains. I'm hoping that, besides dishing out some great food, Checkered Rooster can give a boost to places like Nazareth, and keep that way of live around a little longer. So, one of these days, when the e-commerce site is up and running, try to buy a little something from a town like Naz, and help the Swiftettes out.

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Anonymous said...

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