Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I feel like cooking something scary

I haven't had any real adventures in the kitchen for a while. In fact, I think the last really wacky thing I cooked the goat last summer. Does anybody have some suggestions of the strange or gross things I should try to cook and eat?

I've got a couple of ideas, but no idea where I might find sweetbreads or blood sausage. Maybe I could cook menudo. Not the Menudo, the Puerto Rican boy band from the 80s, but menudo, the soup. It's reputed to be the world's greatest hangover cure. In fact, lots of the little taquerias around here that make it have signs that say "Menudo--Sabados por la Manana." In English, that's "Menudo--Saturday Mornings." I'm not so sure that it would be a good hangover cure--it's made from tripe, which is beef stomach.

Anyway, lemme know if there is anything scary or wacky you think I should eat, and I'll try it.

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