Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My new cookbook

Nose to Tail Eating finally arrived today. The recipes include pea and pig's ear soup; jellied tripe; a whole chapter on lamb's brains; crispy pig's tails (because they would be bad mushy?); and ham in hay (in which the hay isn't a vegetable acting as a metaphor, it's hay. Dried grass or alfalfa or something--the recipe doesn't specify).

There's a recipe for haggis. Here's what Groundskeeper Willie, the Scottish school janitor on The Simpsons said about haggis:
Haggis! Get your fresh, hot haggis! Rabbit blood and brains, boiled in a wee sheep's stomach! Tastes as good as it sounds!
It's probably harder to get the ingredients for haggis than it is to make it--you need pretty much everything that comes inside a sheep--but I really, really want to try this recipe.

On the other hand, the book offers this recipe for how to eat radishes at their peak:
Pile your intact radishes onto a plate and have beside them a bowl of coarse sea salt and the good butter. To eat, add a knob of butter to your radish with a knife and a sprinkle of salt, then eat....
You can't go too far wrong with buttered veggies, whatever you may think of crispy pig's tails and the like.

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