Thursday, November 16, 2006

Turkey tips

Here are some buyer's guides for everyone's favorite Thanksgiving guest:

New York Times
Sam Gugino

I've got heritage birds (I need to get a picture up...they've grown a little since this. In fact, they are are literally ten times bigger that those pictures), and they may fit the definition of free-range birds (it's a pretty loose definition); they aren't organic (because I had a hard time finding organic feed until a couple of weeks ago), and they definitely aren't pastured--there's not anything remotely alive in the turkey pen these days.

I pick a particularly big bird on Sunday or Monday (I've got my eye on three in particular, out of seventeen), and dress him for dinner. I may put up some before and after shots, but I don't think anyone will want to see "during." I'll either smoke or grill the bird for L and my folks on Thursday.

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Beulah Bible said...

Hi Laura and Aaron: I remember dressing turkeys more than one time. Ernest and I raised turkeys on the south side of that big barn on the east place. Charles liked tagging along to feed them. Then Billy and I raised turkeys at the dairy. Dressing them is not my delight but eating some is a ok.
Are you and Laura going to attend David's wedding? If so I want to visit with you two. Expecting your folks here on Christmas Day along their way for a rush to see April and
family. Sam will be alone then and wants to come but he didn't come this holiday. Morgan, Tess, and Sierra are nearly here late this Thanksgiving Day. Our weather is like spring but I hear that artic air is posed on the northern US border. GIGI