Friday, August 18, 2006

Thanksgiving update

Here are some pics of my Thanksgiving dinner project. There are seventeen birds in total: four royal palms, five bourbon reds, and six narragansetts, all hatched in mid July, and one royal palm and one blue palm, hatched in early July (named Stan and Ollie).

Here's the entire group. The two older birds are still bigger, but they younger birds are catching up in size.

Here's a closeup of Ollie, a royal palm. The palm color pattern is white with black in the wings and on the back. Palms are small as turkeys go; the younger birds are about to catch up in size (you can just see a narragansett leaving the frame to the left). They are also pretty flighty, which I don't care for. One more thing: I'm pretty sure Ollie is actually Olivia. I wish I had gotten a closeup of Stan so I could highlight the differences, because they are noticeable.

Here's a narragansett. They originated in Rhode Island, on Narragansett Bay. They should mature steel gray with white feather tips--very sharp looking.

Here's a bourbon red. They originated in Kentucky, and will mature a deep red, with white wings and tails. These are my favorite birds--they are almost friendly, and they talk more than the others. Plus, they seem to be better adapted to the heat than the other birds.

I'm not sure if I will actually have them ready in time for Thanksgiving, though. They should be 20 weeks old the week of Thanksgiving, and that's how long it takes to grow out an industrial bird. Maybe I should call this the "Christmas project" instead.


Sparky's Mom said...

Great pictures! Put me down for a couple of Thanksgiving/Christmas birds. Now why do these pictures make me think of holiday meals when cabrito just makes me think you are eating a pet? I guess it is all in the up-bringing. I never named my turkeys nor distinguished one from another. Goats we have had, on the other hand, had real personalities that demanded names.

Dr. Bubba said...

Off topic...Aaron I saw on the news there are some grass/brush fires in Palo Pinto county and other areas. How y'all are safe and not having to worry about the fires in that area.