Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Link-o-Rama

A researcher at Texas A&M has found a way to make vegetable packaging fight foodborne illness. That's becoming more and more important with organic veggies, because they are fertilized with manure, which increases the chances of nasties hitchiking on your lettuce. Gig 'em, Aggies!

Foods and memory are strongly linked; that's why eating something you often had as a kid can make you feel so good. Leon Hale remebers comfort foods (and finds some new ones). I remember eating some of those things, but he doesn't mention my dad's childhood snack--mustart biscuits. That's a cold biscuit, with mustard on it. COme to think of it, I don't think Dad remembers those fondly, either.

A survey finds that people are confused by food labels and nutritional claims
. That's not surprising, given that the rules seem to change every six months or so. So just stick to the basics--real food, cooked in a traditional way. Eventually, science will catch up with you (like finding out that butter is less-bad for you than margerine), and you'll enjoy eating in the meantime.

Coca-cola is being sued for the presence of benzene in drinks. Benzene is a carcinogen. Yummy!

It's the same old story--manufacturers are working hard to fabricate food that's as good for you as real food. But this story is from a food-industry website.

An analysis of what's being put in food, from Britain
. Got maltodextrin?

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