Monday, August 28, 2006

It's tailgate time

College football kicks off this weekend (Thursday evening, actually), and tailgating will once again be in full swing.

Tailgating America and the American Tailgater's Association are websites devoted wholly to tailgating.

The Gainsville Times has a nice write-up on tailgating, with tips, gear notes, and some background. (Trivia: at the University of Georgia, they have banned starting to tailgate prior to 7 AM. That's hardcore) They've also got some recipies.

Food safety tips for tailgaters, from Kansas State.

Men in Aprons shows us the best cuts of meat for grilling
. Fillets and porterhouses don't reallly seem like tailgate food, but they are mighty tasty.

Finally, Seriously Good has a little something to motivate all of you to get out and fire up your smokers. There's nothing better than good meat and good times with good friends and family.


adam said...

I agree about the porterhouse. But filet could be one of the best tailgate meats. It's very compact, and even if you cook it a little too long, you could still cut it up and put it in a tortilla.

Beulah Bible said...

Hi Aaron and Laura: Wrote a comment and clicked something wrong and lost it. Just saying that so much info about food makes one hungry.
Has your area had any showers lately? NM has had much damage from tooooo much rain. We have had more than usual that has caused problems with hay and grain harvest. Uncle Chuck finally has some oat hay baled without rain. That's good. Glenn is driving his semi taking hay to a very large dairy near Clovis. Always, GIGI