Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fat is good for you

You really do need fat--an more may be better!

Eating fat with vegetables (butter, olive oil, salad dressing, etc) makes a big difference in how much of the fat-soluble vitamins your body absorbs. If you don't eat any fat, you don't get much benefit from the vitamins. So butter up your broccoli--for your own good.

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Dr. Bubba said...

You know you are waffling here Aaron. First no corn
feed beef but only grass feed. Then you say add
fat to your diet.

I thought usually grass feed beef has less fat and marbling. If so then not as much fat and at times less taste.

Of course most grass feed beef I know of is topped off with corn or some sorta protein once gets to a feed lot so they can get the fat and flavor back in unless they work hard not too do that.

Speaking of grass feed. NZ beef has an interesting flavor since they have mostly grass feed cattle. The grass gives the beef the interesting flavor. I do not really care for it either.

Speaking of what we eat. I have a problem burning the starches and fat in my system. Of course exercise will help with that. But my liver, when last scanned, was getting fat. Not good. So I was to exercise and cut back on starches, sugars, and fats. To do this I was to eat more fibery things. Turns out that eating things like broccili (spell) is good when eating carb foods because you body has to work a bit harder to digest the fiber and so the carbs do not get broke down as much or as easily.

I guess putting butter on veggies is a good idea. ;)

But for sure no corn or corn by products since they are starch machines. Very hard to stick to that diet for me.

I love pasta, taters, breads, and beef. Hehe.
And I have a sweet tooth.

I say eat goat is do not worry about it.