Friday, June 16, 2006

My garden

Here are some things I got from the garden this week. First, a view of the whole garden.

Kohlrabi--whole, then sliced.

I like kohlrabi sliced, soaked, and chilled. Soaking and chilling makes it very crunchy. It has a flavor between a radish and a broccoli stem (it actually is a broccoli plant, bred to have a thick, bulbous stem.)

Here's a view of my sad little green bean plants, with some kale in the background. They are sharing a row right now, but the kale will all be harvested in the next week or so.

Here's a close-up of a sad little bean plant. They are more bean than plant, which I suppose is good. It's just a shock to me--last year, I grew kentucky wonder pole beans, and they had a yard of vine waving off the end of a six-foot pole by the middle of June. They blew over in a big storm, though, and I bet these won't blow over for less than a tornado.

The beans. This came from a double row about six feet long. Just enough to feed two people.

Here is the kale that you saw in the background with the beans. First, harvested:

Then chopped up.

It got a lot darker green when I washed it, and this pile (as big as a basketball) will shrink greatly when I cook it. That dish will be posted sometime next week.

Not pictured here: the chiggers that infest the garden. I'd like to have an organic garden, but I like even more not being attacked by a host of blood-sucking parasites in the garden. I'll put down some insecticide later, in hopes that we'll get a rain to wash it in. We've got an 80% chance of rain. In Texas in June, my money is on the 20%, so I'll probably have to get out the sprinkler.

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Where are the black-eyed peas?