Monday, June 12, 2006

A Literary Goat Note

Larry McMurtry mentions goat in his 1985 classic Lonesome Dove. Here's what the Sage of Archer City has to say about goat:
It occured to him [Augustus McRae] that a leather belt couldn't be much tougher or less palatable than the fried goat Bolivar served up three or four times a week....The goat meat tasted like it had been fried in tar, but Augustus was the only member of the establishment sensitive enough to raise a complaint. "Bol, where'd you get the tar you fried this goat in?" he asked regularly....
So that's it--don't fry the goat in tar. Still, that's more than the giants of American cookery told me. I probably could've figured that out on my own, tar-frying not being popular with the wife.

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Mum Apie_Chick said...

LOL. Tar-frying can be so tasty, though, when not done out on the range, but in one's kitchen, where one can enjoy the thick blue smoke and little tiny tar spatters from the hot tar bath.