Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here are some chick pictures.

This is a Light Sussex at three and a half weeks old. You can see that the black is just starting to show in his wings, neck, and tail. These are the birds that I really wanted, but I've only got five.

This is just a crowd shot. You can really see the difference in the older and younger birds, even though the age difference is just two weeks.

This is the back of Monty Burns's neck; his head is turned away from the camera). This shot really emphasizes the boniness and scrawniness of his neck, and his generally evil appearance.

These two shots are mixed breeds at about a week old.

I've been asked via e-mail what I'm planning on doing with all these birds (37, at the moment). I'm planning on keeping some to start a little breeding flock. I've got five Light Sussex and three Red Sussex that will be evaluated for the breeding flock, based on body type and color. I'll also look pretty hard at the Buff Orpingtons to see if I'd rather keep them around. At any rate, six to nine of the birds will be preserved as breeding stock. The rest will join the turkeys in the freezer. I'll start working on that when the birds weigh three to four pounds. That's a little small for fryers, but I need to start reducing the numbers before the birds get too big.

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