Friday, June 29, 2007

Garden Photos

Here are the pictures I promised earlier:

This is me with some tomato plants.

And me, planting those tomatoes. Now, you can't see the ground in this corner of the garden.

Here's Laura helping out.

The strawberry patch, in May. It's about three feet by six feet. Remember how this looks--you'll see this spot again. At the top of the photo is a watermelon plant that had just sprouted.

Some berries. These are soooooo good.

Mulching. I've moved two pickup loads down the hill, and have a third to go.

My peach tree broke because of all the peaches.

Green beans and cucumbers. I haven't gotten any cukes yet. The beans are producing enough for a nice meal for us each week.

Melons--canteloupe in the front, watermelon in the rear, tomatoes on the right. This is the same plant as that tiny thing in the strawberry picture.

Pumpkins. This picture doesn't really do them justice--there are three hills with two are three plants each. The vines are knee deep, and cover about 40% of the garden. In most of that area, the ground is invisible. They are really setting a lot of fruit, and I've got one pumpkin that is about twice as big as a basketball. I don't know what I'll do with all of them. In this photo, you can see some individual vines stretching out from the mass of pumpkin.

This is the same patch from the other side of the garden. The little stuff on the right is the strawberry patch--the pumpkins are trying to take over.

The view from the second story of our house. The bright green leaves on the left are the peach tree; the pumpkin is the big green mass just behind the fence; the beans and cukes are the tall thing on the right; the back row of the garden is tomato plants. I've got about twenty scattered through the garden, pluse about five more volunteer plants in the turkey pen.

If I can stay on top of the mowing, I'll keep you updated with some harvest pictures. I probably can't keep up with the mowing, though--we got NINE INCHES of rain this week.


Sparky's Mom said...

Your garden looks great. That pumpkin is going to be enormous. It will be interesting to know what it weighs when you harvest it in a few months.

Anonymous said...

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seen that Elmer Kelton wrote his
memoirs then check it out... if you have seen it then you might like this story anyway:


p.s. The garden looks great and like work. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well that does not look like it took on my browser...I will piece it in three pieces if you cannot see it all:

Another effort at a direct link..lets if it works:

Try here

Anonymous said...

Aaron and Laura, my that garden has grown since I was there June 6.
Looking forward to seeing the two of you later this week as you come to your third wedding. Love, GIGI