Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been lonely

I thought everyone had stopped coming by my blog this week. When I changed the template, I also accidentally killed the code that lets me track visitors. As a result, it looked like I hadn't had any visitors at all for about ten day. That was more than a little discouraging--I thought that even my mom had stopped coming by (Hi, Mom!).

I want to thank Linda for leaving a comment--that let me know that someone had read the blog but not been counted, so I noticed the problem. Now that I know that at least three people are reading the blog (Hi, Dad!) I'll work a little harder at adding content. I've got a couple of things stewing to write about.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article in the Houston Chronicle about a small farm in Brenham. Seems the tax office is unwilling / uninformed how to classify the 22 acres as agricultural becasue it does not grow crops typical to Washington county. The farm-Home Sweet Farm-grows vegitables, eggs, milk, etc for 85 Houston families that subcribe for the local food service. dc

Sparky's Mom said...

I'm still checking. Where are you?