Thursday, March 22, 2007

Guess what I just ate?

Fact 1: I processed turkeys on Saturday.
Fact 2: I was asking for liver recipes earlier this week.
Fact 3: I have shown a willingness to eat all kinds of offal.

That's right, I cooked liver yesterday. I fried up four turkey livers, tried some, then whipped up the livers in the food processor to make some pate.

The result: liver still tastes like liver. I couldn't find any reputable recipes, so I just sauteed it in some turkey fat. (Note: it was not the turkey fat that tasted bad, it was the liver). The product was dry and tasted like, well, liver. The pate wasn't smooth, since I used the food processor. It also tasted like liver.

In case you couldn't tell from the less-than-positive review, I don't liver. I tried a little of the fried liver and a little of the pate, and both were bad.

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mdmnm said...

Get "Helen Corbett's Cookbook", which, being in Texas, you can probably find in a used book store or might find on a friend or family member's shelf. She has a recipe for a very good pate made from chicken liver that should work well with your next batch of turkey livers. Good texture and flavor-double the spices if you like.