Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday Links

Some suggestions for continuing to enjoy food while you're on a diet. The basic idea is to replace low-quality bad-for-you foods with high-quality bad-for-you foods, such as dark chocolate for regular chocolate; or replace really bad for you foods (full-fat latte) with lower cal foods (nonfat latte). I've been doing a similar thing with my diet this summer--substuting a small amount of a really good food (like one ounce of aged cheddar, or dry-cured ham, or a half cup of top-shelf ice cream), for more of a lesser food. I eat the good stuff slowly and enjoy it more, and don't crave food as much. It's been part of an effective diet--I've lost 35 pounds since March.

Some farm memories, from Nebraska. I've never chopped silage, but he makes it sound like working cattle--hard, unpleasant work, that takes a bunch of folks.

Americans don't eat enough vegetables. Part of it may be that we don't know what to do with vegetables, except boil them to death, and that's not very good. So experiment--find a new vegetable, and try to cook it, or find a new way to cook a vegetable you already know. Eat your veggies!

But does that really matter? A man in L.A. recently died at the ripe old age of 112. He mostly ate sausage and waffles, and he took care of himself until he was 110. (He was also a veteran of the First World War, and lived in a home he built himself in 1935). Maybe we should all skip the veggies, and try some eggos and sausage. Or not.

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Mum Apie_Chick said...

About the veggies - I really like the way they label things over here. Well, mostly. They will say exactly how many of the fresh fruits or veggies constitute a serving. On the pack of mushrooms it said: "One-third of this package equals one of the recommended five servings of fruit and veg each day." Or something to that effect. I like that. It also helps that the only snack Caleb can bring to school for his morning break is fruit or veg. Interesting.