Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Goat sighting

On the way home today, I saw the biggest load of goats I've ever seen. It was a 20' gooseneck trailer, divided into two levels, with little goats packed in like sardines. There very well could have been a hundred of the little fellows in there. They were probably on the way to the sale barn, because tomorrow is auction day.

I've got to get to the meat market this week--check back early next week for a cabrito update.


Dr. Bubba said...

Any idea what kind of goats they were?

Aaron said...

They were mostly boer goats. About half were solid white, and half white with red heads.

They were also very small--probably less than 20 pounds each.

Sparky's Mom said...

OK, I'd like an update on the turkeys, with a picture. But please don't take a picture of your latest purchase at the meat market.