Friday, July 21, 2006

More garden stuff

Here are the peas I promised Mom I was growing:

They aren't black-eyed peas, they are Mississippi purple-hulls. The pods start off light green, then have a purplish tinge that keeps spreading until the whole pod is purple. (It's really maroon, though. Even my peas are the right color.) Once the pod is mostly purple, you pick it. They taste just like black-eyes, though. I cooked some up with country ham the other day--delicious.

I've also harvested root crops, took some lovely photos, and lost them. But that's OK--I think most people have seen carrots and potatoes. The potato yield wasn't very good--only a couple of spuds per plant. The carrots were both pretty and tasty.

The tomatoes are starting to do well, but they were set back a couple of weeks by a horn worm attack. I told Laura that we needed a goose in the garden to eat the bugs and random grass. Since she's afraid of birds, and knows that geese are as big and as aggressive as anything that flies, she was not open to the suggestion. And that's putting it mildly. (There may have been some suggestion that she wouldn't live in the same place as a big mean bird.)

The green beans are still scrubby little plants, and still putting out nice beans. The kale and kohlrabi have been harvested or killed by the heat. The watermelons are setting fruit. I still can't grow decent corn. Oh, and the pumpkin vines are trying to take over the garden (but not setting fruit). I wish I had gotten a better photo.

That vine is upwards of fifteen feet long. Yikes!


Sparky's Mom said...

Your peas look great! Thanks for the picture. When are you eating them? Are the peas themselves purple? I bet they would be terrific with some of Gigi's green tomato relish. Yum!
We saw your carrots growing when we were there. They looked pretty then.
I hope the pumpkins set fruit. That would be fun to grow. I think Laura's class would get a kick out of pumpkins that Mr. Cummins grew.
As for kale and kohlrabi, no great loss. My tomato comment is in the next section. I'm not the tomato fan that dc is.
I wish your namesake (Big A) were around to see you gardening & to give you advice. He was a good gardener and had a fun sense of humor, both necessary skills in the world of gardening.

Aaron said...

The peas look like a black-eyed pea, but the eye is lighter. They taste just like black-eyes. I may post about the tomatoes later this week.