Saturday, July 22, 2006

Because I'm bad at the internet

I wrote a couple of posts yesterday, saved them as drafts, then wrote another post, and published it. The drafts have been finished and published, but they are under the goat post. So scroll down, and see how my garden is doing, and what I'm planning for Thanksgiving.

And if you know how I can change the order of posts, feel free to tell me.

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Mum Apie_Chick said...

I *think* that when you go to edit the post you can change the date somewhere. Maybe in HTML mode. Maybe that will rearrange things for you. I've had the same problem.

Caleb just ate turkey nuggets shaped as dinosaurs for lunch. These things are seriously huge and scary as far as "nugget food" goes.

Gotta run get Auddie Bell.